Strawberry Quartz Crystal Pipes Strawberry Quartz Crystal Pipes
Crystal Pipes Strawberry Quartz $42.99 $49.99
Blue Goldstone Blue Goldstone (also called Blue Sandstone), is a stone of victory. It heightens wisdom, courage, and physical energy. Blue Goldstone deflects negative energy and encourages motivation and drive. This stone increases confidence and willpower, it promotes glory and success. Goldstone Associations Chakras - (blue) Throat Chakra, (gold) Sacral ChakraTypical colours - blue, or gold with golden sparkles Dimensions of The Pipe Average:  Height: Imperial: 4.2"~4.8" inches/ Metric: 10.5 to 12cm Width: Imperial: 1.1'' inches/ Metric: 2.8 Cm Depth: Imperial: 0.7'' inches/ Metric: 1.8 Cm
Snowflakes Crystal Pipes Snowflakes Crystal Pipes
Crystal Pipes Faire fondre les flocons de neige $42.99 $59.99
Pour vous remonter le moral lors d'une froide journée enneigée, ces tuyaux sont fabriqués à la main avec du quartz de meilleure qualité et notre propre technologie et traitement qui donne un cristal d'aspect flocon de neige, faisant de chaque tuyau une œuvre d'art unique.
Rock And Roses (Black Alabaster) Crystal Pipes Rock And Roses (Black Alabaster) Crystal Pipes
Crystal Pipes Rock And Roses (Black Alabaster) $42.99 $54.99
  Benefits of Alabaster Aids Forgiveness: Can assist in erasing away long-held grudges. Stimulates Meditation: Excellent stone for bridging the gap between physical and spiritual lessons. Keep it handy among the healing stones on your crystal altar. Mind Healer: Gives mental clarity, clearing away any confusion or cobwebs cluttering the mind. Manages Anger Issues: Helps to tamp down any anger flare-ups. Anxiety Easer: Helps to tame anxiety symptoms Creative Bent: This stone is meant for the artist to help spark creativity.