Fossilized Ammonite

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Fossilized Ammonite

$54.99 $69.99 -22% OFF

It is said that these “stones” radiate positive Earth Energy, bringing luck as well as prosperity in all things.  A very spiritual stone, even a small portion of Ammonite or Ammolite may be used to assist one in finding the proper way down the coiled, spiral spiritual pathway to the center where the God & Goddess await one’s arrival.

A protective element, adding structure, stability and steadiness to one’s life as well as supplementing one survival instincts. Associated with water, Ammolite is known to deeply affect one emotionally.  Mirroring feelings that one may have forgotten existed, whether they be healthy or unhealthy.

Encouraging feelings of self worth Ammolite will enhance ones practicality and reliability; it has been said to increase the positive energies of magic spells and spiritual prayers.

Healing Properties

Ammolite is known to strengthen one’s will to live as well as appreciating life and living it to the fullest; being very beneficial to the human psyche.  Feng Shui practitioners believe that Ammolite also has a positive effect on the flow of energy called ‘chi’, assisting one to cleanse and detoxify the body.

Believed to have absorbed cosmic energy from the universe, Ammolite is said to have beneficial effects on anyone near it.  It is known as the Seven Color Prosperity Stone, as it is said to hold all seven colors of the rainbow (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet/purple) and is said to bring the bearer growth, wisdom and wealth.

Told to be helpful in childbirth for both the mother and child, Ammolite enhances stamina and vitality as well as stabilizing one’s pulse/blood pressure.  Said to be helpful to lift depression and to regulate the metabolism.

Magical Properties


Energy: Receptive
Element: Earth, Air, Water, Fire & Akasha
Planet: Jupiter
Powers:  Elemental Power, Longevity & Past Life Meditation
Candle Color: Green or Black

Due to the fact that Ammonite/Ammolites were once living beings, they are connected to Akasha, the fifth element.  These are tangible proof that in nature nothing is wasted; it shows how only manifestations of energy may be transmutable, but energy itself cannot be destroyed.

Ammolite may be used for vivid prophetic vision and dreams as well as work or meditations relating to past lives and longevity.

Zodiac Properties

Zodiac Stone of: Capricorn

Associations: Saturn

Birthstone: Not a birthstone for any month

To dream of any fossil may mean that one needs to stabilize and add structure to one’s life

Chakra Properties

The Ammolite has an incredible Chakra representation; beginning with the Ammonite shell is a series of chambers with the siphuncle tube (which regulated the balance of water and gas in each section) connecting each of the chambers, the chakra system is actually quite similar.

Spiritual energy flows through the subtle body along channels called ‘nadi’, there are three main nadi in the human body one in the spinal column and two that flow and wrap around it; the chakras are located where the nadis intersect.  As well, with the snake symbolism of Ammonites, this also associates them with the Kundalini energy flow.

The chakra energy flows in a spiral, the Ammonite shell is in the form of a spiral.  Ammolites carry the full seven color spectrum of the chakra system, associated with each of the first seven chakras.

With that said, modern chakra workers associate the Ammolite with the 1st, Base/Root chakra, and believe that is here where the work needs to begin.

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